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This is all old information and will be updated soon. (Dan  1/08/2011)

Our main service has been VHS copies of individual runs of Horses and Riders at NRHA Reining Shows & NRCHA Reined Cow Horse Shows. THAT all changed in 2008. At ALL Reining Shows we will be providing time delayed review TVs that competitors can view the run they just finished in the show pen on. We will still offer VHS Tapes on special order but most of our customers prefer either DVD's or Internet Video so we are DISCONTINUING OUR PRE-ORDERED VHS AND 50% DISCOUNT PROGRAM. In it's place we are charging Reining Shows a FEE for each Judged Run that we Video and the Competitor receives the Time Delayed Review. By getting a small fee for each run videoed, we will be able to keep our prices for copies of runs on VHS, DVD, or the Internet very affordable to the Reining Community. .

We only go to shows that we are invited to by the governing show committee.
We provide services as "Official" Show Videographer in exchange for the privilege of providing our services to our clients while at these shows. We videotape and archive ALL JUDGED RUNS while we are at a show. These tapes are made available to the Judges during the show in case they ever need to review a run. At NCHA events we also provide DVD's for the Judges to take with them after the Event in compliance with NCHA rules.

Our goal has always been to provide the best service at the lowest price.
Our prices are the lowest in the industry.

We maintain an archive library of all of the shows that we have ever videoed.
If you need a copy of a particular run at any of these shows we can retrieve it for you. We discount the price of retrieving a run from the archive if you have already purchased a copy and for some reason need another copy. Bulk discounts are also available if you order more than one copy of a run.

We also offer custom tapes for people to send out as horse sale tapes.
We offer bulk discounts and can even drop ship tapes directly to your clients.
We also can post your video on the internet for 24/7 access by your clients.

We also provide Promotional Ranch Videos.
Contact us to Discuss Details.