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We get our name by combining RAINY and DAN,
but it seemed to fit what we were doing, videotaping reining horses "dancing".

Our Logo reflects this and was designed by Rainy's sister Darlene Tuttle.
Darlene has caught the "Reining Bug" and is now a competitive reiner.

Dan started out by buying a video camera in 1997 to videotape Rainy when she was actively competing. At that time there were no videographers at the smaller shows in Montana that we could buy tapes of runs from and at the bigger shows the price was pretty exspensive and the quality was not as good as what Dan was getting. For the first year Dan would just make tapes for people that wanted copies as something to fill his time up while he was waiting around at shows for Rainy to ride.

It wasn't long till he was asked if he would be the "official" videographer for some shows. He agreed to do this but found out that it was a lot of work and extra expense so he started actively looking for customers to help off set the time and expense that he was investing. People liked the service so much that it got to the point where he couldn't do it by himself. Rainy had to retire her gelding "The PrimeTime" do to lameness so she joined Dan in 2000. We built a mobile video studio to provide instant service for pre-ordered tapes, easier set up at shows, and better protection for the equipment. In 2008 we will be dropping the VHS Tapes made "Live" and focus on delivery by: "Time Delayed Replay", DVD, and Internet.

Rainy keeps busy with our pack of Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds.
Visit her site at www.RainDancerPups.com to see the latest litter.